Two Situations in Which You Should Get Aluminium Slat Fencing

Here are some situations in which aluminium slat fencing might be the best option for your property.

You need a fence that would be very challenging for intruders to break through

If you're having the contractor put this fence in place primarily to ward off intruders and you want the fence material to be difficult for intruders to break through, then you should opt for aluminium slats. The reason for this is as follows: unlike other materials like wood or chain wire, aluminium takes a lot of work to break. Whilst, for example, an intruder could use a saw to slice some wooden slats in half or a pair of pliers to cut open a chain-wire fence, they would have a much harder time and would need much more powerful tools to cut open a fence made of aluminium slats. Because of this, a fence comprised of aluminium slats is a better intruder deterrent than many other types of fences.

Additionally, whilst it is not the only material that is suitable for this purpose (wrought iron, for example, works equally well) it is one of the most straightforward materials to install within this category of fencing. This is because, in spite of its robustness, it is very lightweight and the sections of fence slats can be purchased pre-connected, meaning that all you or your contractor has to do when you get them is lift them into their vertical position and install the sections in the ground.

You want a low maintenance fence

If you're looking for a low-maintenance fence, then a slatted aluminium one is a good choice, as it requires almost no upkeep. Whilst, for example, wrought iron can rust and may need to undergo rust-removal processes after a long period of being exposed to air and water and wooden fencing materials have to be retreated with paint and varnish to protect them from rot, aluminium fencing materials only need to be cleaned occasionally to keep them in good condition. They won't rot or rust and only really need attention if they sustain serious damage from storms or accidents.

As such, after the contractor installs this fence, you won't have to remember to buy varnishes, paints or rust-removal products, nor will you have to monitor the fence's condition and worry about, for instance, finding the time to squeeze in a quick painting session when you notice some paint flaking off.