The Benefits and Advantages of Pipe or Tube Fencing

When it comes to fencing your property, you have plenty of options, from affordable chain link to high-end glass or even metal. While they all have their advantages, pipe or tube fencing can be a good choice for a variety of reasons. Before you decide on a material and design for your fencing, note a few of those advantages here.

1. Water runoff and direction

Choosing metal or PVC pipe fencing can actually allow you to direct water away from areas of your property. The metal or PVC can be drilled with holes that will collect rainwater and allow it to run in the direction of the pipe itself. This can keep water from collecting in certain areas of your property and help you to avoid floods. This water can also be collected in barrels at the end of the fence, for reuse and recycling.

2. Using recycled materials

Another advantage to using PVC or metal pipe for fencing is that these pieces can be harvested from other projects and reused for fencing. This keeps them out of landfills and opens up space in landfills for items that cannot be recycled. If you're concerned about your choices and how they impact the environment, note if you can use recycled materials for your fencing. Even if you cannot find recycled pieces, remember that your fence pieces can be recycled if and when you decide to have the fence taken down.

3. Strong yet affordable

Pipes and tubes are strong because of their thickness, yet metal and PVC pipes are affordable as a fencing option because they are hollow inside. This means they're using less material than actual posts. When you comparison shop, you may note that tube and fence piping is less costly than columns and posts, yet they offer the same strength. You can use tubes and pipes between sections of chain link to keep them secure, or have a fence made entirely of tubing laid horizontally. This is good for creating pens as they're strong enough to withstand the weight or impact of an animal.

4. PVC needs little to no maintenance

PVC pipe especially is a good choice for fences as it needs little to no maintenance. It can withstand the elements and potential damage caused by chlorine in pool water. If you need something especially tough and durable but don't look forward to removing rust and repainting a fence, PVC pipe can be the best choice.

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