3 Custom Gate Options Every Pet Owner & Parent Should Consider

When you have pets and children, you want to keep them safe and away from areas that could cause them harm. Areas of the home like the kitchen and stairway are particularly hazardous and can turn tragic in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for ways to prevent injuries and issues in the home for your pets and children, one thing you may not have considered is the use of custom gates. Here are three gate options that every pet owner and parent should consider.  

Pet Door Baby Gate Combinations

One of the most common options is a baby gate that incorporates a pet door. These are ideal for stairways where you want to keep children safe, but pets can come and go as they please.  These gates do not just have to be for indoors though.

You can also have gates created for your outside living areas, patios, and even as part of your screen doors. These combinations can be made to occupy larger areas as well, such as the stretch of space between the living room and the kitchen.

Swinging Fixed Gates

One of the issues that many pet owners and parents have with commercially produced safety gates is the operation. There are a few on the market that offer a swinging feature, but the locking mechanism may be difficult to use, especially when your hands are full.

You can have a swinging fixed gate created with any type of locking mechanism you want. Some gate companies can even create gates that attach to your walls or have a pressure securing hold between two walls with an electronic locking mechanism. The lock is at adult height and can have a button option or a motion option.

Swimming Pool Gates

One of the areas that most parents and pet owners love and fear at the same time is the swimming pool. You want it to be safe, but at the same time you want your children and pets to enjoy the area as much as you do.

If you have a swimming pool, you can have gates and fencing created to protect the sliding or backdoor entries to the pool area. You can also have gates made to work with existing pool fencing. The reason that custom made options are ideal for this is because of the variations on pool designs from home to home.

These are just three of the custom gate options that every parent and pet owner should consider. If you have other gate needs that require custom treatment, consider contacting your fencing contractor like Central Coast Fencing Industries Pty Ltd.