Things to look for in your fence and gate to make it secure against intrusion

A fence isn't just a marker for where the border for your property is located; it can also be used as a method of security. A fence provides a first barrier against unwelcome intruders. For your fence and gate to give you the most amount of protection, it's important you keep it in top condition. Broken fences and sagging gates can make it easier for intruders to get into your property. There are some things in particular you should look for in your fence to make sure it isn't allowing burglars to enter your garden.

Secure gates

Gates are very important structures that can do more than almost anything else to protect your home from intruders. A secure gate should be as high as the fence itself and also be equipped with a lock. Make sure the gate is firmly attached to the surrounding poles. If the gate starts to sag or become crooked, this is an indication that something is wrong. Check the brackets to see if they're properly attached to the posts. Also make sure that the posts are firm and appropriately stuck in the ground. If the poles are wobbly, you might need to dig them down further and fill the hole with concrete to make sure any possible intruders can't open the gate by tearing the pole down. You should also check the poles throughout the entire fence.

Inspection of fence panels

Fence panels might be more secure than boards, as they are joined together without any gaps between them. You should still make sure the individual panels are intact and not subjects to rotting or moisture. Also look for any loose panels when you're inspecting your fence. Replace any damaged fence panels as soon as you find them, and make sure to tighten any loose panels, as these might be easy gateways into your home.

Decorations with purpose

 You could also consider adding a trellis or thorny climbing plants to the top of your panels. It makes it harder for intruders to climb over the fence in an attempt to break in; and as opposed to, for example, barbed wire, it gives your fence an aesthetically pleasing look. If you have the patience, you can also plant a hedge on the inside of the fence. This makes the barrier the fence is creating broader and significantly harder to climb over. If you use a plant with thorns or fine twigs, this could also deter intruders from attempting to climb your fence to begin with.

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