Useful tips on how to keep your fence well maintained for farmers

Fencing is a vital part of farming life, as it clearly defines the boundaries of your land and keeps all of your livestock safe and together. That is why you should have everything installed by a professional fencing company, as they will be able to erect the fences in a reliable and long lasting way. You should always keep these fences well maintained, as it can be a costly mistake if problems occur.

Your job is not finished when you have installed the fencing; regular maintenance is vital. Here is some useful advice to help you keep your fencing in great shape long into the future.

Fencing post maintenance

Different farms will require different types of fencing, whether it is electric, barbed or simple chicken wire. They are secured into the ground by posts that are most commonly wooden. This means that the posts are at risk of rotting where they are inserted into the ground due to prolonged exposure to water and other forms of dampness.

Therefore, signs of rot and water damage need to be treated with care. By treating your wooden posts with sealing stains, the wood will be more durable and better protected against external elements.

Fencing wire maintenance

In order to prevent frailties in the wiring system from occurring in the first place, you should regularly cut back trees, bushes and other undergrowth that impinges upon the fencing. These external pressures can cause frailties in the wiring. The tension of your fencing wire should always be taut. Using a high quality wire will maintain its strength for longer.

Over time, if the wire hasn't been installed adequately or it has received damage from an external source such as a falling tree, it can come loose and even break.  Loose wire can result in one of your animals being caught up in it or simply providing a weak point in the fence where the wire is no longer doing its job. There are a lot of options to choose form when looking for wire, some good, and some poor. Galvanised wire will be more durable and last longer than untreated wire.

Electric fencing system maintenance

Electric fencing can be very useful as well as being cheaper than other alternatives, but it will require more upkeep and regular maintenance. There needs to be sufficient power supplied to the wire at all times, meeting the necessary voltage guidelines. Electric fencing that becomes weak will leak away voltage and will not do its job. Using copper wire when you are installing underground cabling is never a good idea. as it can easily corrode. 

For more information, contact local fencing contractors