4 Reasons Why Your New Fence Should Be Made From Colorbond Steel

Colorbond steel has been a mainstay in the Australian domestic building sector for decades. It has traditionally been used for roofing and fencing and has even become a popular choice for use in edgy, modern interiors. If you're planning to have a new fence built for your home, then you've probably spent some time researching your options. If you haven't considered colorbond steel, then here are four reasons why it's an excellent material to choose for your fencing project.

1. It looks amazing

Modern colorbond steel fencing comes in a wide selection of colours and profiles. This gives you plenty of flexibility in choosing the perfect look for your home. You can even mix and match colours and profiles to create a truly unique and aesthetically appealing fence. Unlike timber fencing, colorbond steel fencing looks equally good from either side of the fence, so you won't have to compromise on a less than attractive view from the street or from within your garden.

2. It's tough and durable

Steel is already a strong and resilient building material. Once you factor in the galvanisation process, which prevents rust, and the bonded layer of paint to prevent damage by UV rays, you have a product that will last for many years. Colorbond steel fencing is also termite proof and stain resistant, unlike timber and rendered brick fencing.

3. It's virtually maintenance free

This type of fencing is ideal for people who don't want to devote hours to the upkeep of their fencing. Timber and rendered brick walls require regular repainting to keep them looking good. Colorbond steel fences will never need repainting and the only maintenance required is the occasional wash down with your garden hose.  

3. It's environmentally friendly

The eco-credentials of a building material are an important consideration for many Australian homeowners. Steel is considered an environmentally friendly building material for two main reasons. Firstly, it's a hundred percent reusable and recyclable. Secondly, its strength and durability mean it will last for many years without needing to be replaced. This means a considerable reduction in energy and resource consumption. Colorbond steel is also an Australian made product, which means less resource and energy consumption for the transport of the product.

Many fencing contractors love working with colorbond steel fencing because of its numerous beneficial features and because it's quick and easy to install. If this style of fencing sounds like the perfect fit for your home, then contact your local fencing contractor to discuss which style, colour, and profile will be the best choice for your new fence.