How to Dress Up or Outright Hide Your Cyclone Fencing

Cyclone or hurricane fencing, also often called chain link fencing, is a very affordable option for homeowners who need a new fence. It's also relatively easy to install, as you simply secure the posts and then unroll the fencing, attaching it to the posts with screws or wire ties. However, one downside of cyclone fencing is that it might seem a bit industrial and drab. You don't need to break your budget to upgrade your fencing to another material, but you can easily hide or dress up your cyclone fencing and make it more attractive overall. Note a few simple tips for how to do this.

Wood slats

The mesh of cyclone fencing is usually large enough that you can slide wood slats between them. You can often purchase these slats pre-cut at any hardware or fence supply store, so you know they will fit your fence in particular. You can also simply take some measurements of the height of slats you need as well as how wide they need to be to rest snugly in the mesh of the fencing. You can then cut your own slats and simply slide them into the fence, either vertically for the look of pickets or horizontally to create length on your property. Using wood slats allows you to paint or stain the material any color; use a nice blue to match your pool or a crisp white to add some contrast to your red brick home.

Bamboo rolls

If individual wood slats are a bit complicated for you to cut or you want even more coverage of your fence, try bamboo rolls. These are also usually available at any hardware store and they can be cut to a certain height; some hardware stores will even do this cutting for you. You simply unroll the bamboo over one side of the fence and then attach it to the posts with wire. You can have tall bamboo that covers the entire fence or cut it shorter so it looks like a line of hedges at the fence base.


Sometimes the fence itself can look much better if you simply dress up the posts. Instead of metal posts, look for thick wood beams. You can typically screw sections of the chain link to these very easily. If you have the budget, you can even have beams installed horizontally at the base and top of the fence, to create wood frames. This makes the chain link itself look much more attractive and much less industrial.