Colorbond Fencing: Should You Consider This Material For Your Property?

If you are attracted to steel fencing for your home but find the price may be too steep, especially if you are fencing a considerable amount of property, then you may want to consider Colorbond fencing. This type of material was initially used for roofing structures. Its versatility, as well as high adaptability, has made it a popular option for fencing too. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider Colorbond fencing for your property.

Colorbond fencing is highly durable

One of the major pros of Colorbond fencing is its high durability. Some people make the mistake of assuming that since it is lightweight, it will not be hardy. The reality is in comparison to timber fencing or conventional steel, Colorbond fencing will not be susceptible to structural damage in the form of decay, corrosion and more. A little-known fact about colorbond fencing is that it is also fire resistant, making it a suitable option for people living in areas that experience bushfires. Lastly, the powder coating on the Colorbond fencing makes it resistant to salt in the atmosphere, making it ideal for coastal locations.

Colorbond fencing is available in a myriad of colours

Another pro of choosing Colorbond fencing is you get the chance to choose from an assortment of colours. This is unlike other fencing materials that you would have to paint over once you have the fence constructed. Colorbond, on the other hand, is already manufactured in different colours. This also reduces the labour involved in installing your colorbond fencing, as you will not have to consider painting it once it is erected. If your residence is leaning toward a minimalist theme, neutral tones of colorbond fencing would complement this theme. On the other hand, if you would like a splash of colour, you can get your Colorbond fencing in vivid colours such as red, yellow, burnt orange and more.

Colorbond fencing is a recyclable material

If you are concerned about maintaining an eco-conscious lifestyle, then colorbond fencing would be a suitable choice for you. The materials used to manufacture this fencing can be easily recycled. This, in turn, ensures that there is minimal waste that finds its way to landfills. Moreover, the manufacturing process of creating colorbond fencing generates minimal waste too. This makes this material one of the more eco-friendly alternatives you could opt for.

It should be noted that colorbond fencing does have a drawback. The lightweight nature of the material does not make it suitable for withstanding high impact. Therefore, your colorbond fencing may develop pings and dents on its surface over time.