3 Ways Coloured Chain Link Fencing Enhances the Aesthetics of a Property

Did you know that chain link fencing has been around since the Industrial Revolution? Despite this, chain link fencing is still considered one of the most versatile and affordable fencing options for residential spaces. Nonetheless, homeowners had to settle for bare galvanised steel as the only option for beautifying the chain link fencing. Thanks to advanced manufacturing processes, fabricators can now finish chain link fencing with vinyl and powder coating techniques. While vinyl yields a limited array of colours, the colour range provided by powder coating is unlimited. This article highlights ways you can use coloured chain link fencing to enhance the aesthetics of your property. Read on.

Let Chain Link Blend with the Landscaping -- Bare galvanised chain link fencing tends to stick out, especially on properties with spacious yards. The green landscape and bland grey galvanised mesh can make the space very busy looking. Some homeowners prefer green chain link fencing because it makes the landscape look greener. However, green chain link fencing tends to disappear in the background and might be challenging to spot from far. The best way to make your chain link fencing complement and blend with the hardscape and landscape is to choose one with a brown coating. It is an even better choice if you have fully grown trees since the trunks will mesh well with the chain link fencing. If your property is not big and the fencing is much closer to the house, it is advisable to choose a chain-link fence that blends with the house's siding.

Use Black Mesh for a Bold Statement -- If you prefer your chain link fencing to stick out rather than blend in, then go bold with stark black chain link fencing. The best thing with black chain link fencing is that contractors usually install the mesh on posts that have a slight sheen on them. When looked at from far, the fencing mimics wrought iron fencing, which gives it an upscale look. Additionally, the fact that black chain link fencing appears as a silhouette makes it the ideal fencing solution for a homeowner that appreciates the industrial style. The clean lines and geometric shapes give the fencing a modern feel that is unrivalled by most other fencing options.

Warm Finish with Copper -- Highlighting the beauty of chain link fencing can be challenging but not impossible. Choosing a warm colour like copper gives the mesh, posts, and railing an upscale feel. When viewed from afar, copper-coloured chain link fencing might appear invisible, but the spaces will still retain the warm essence of the entire fence. If you cannot afford metal posts, stained wood will do the trick because the posts and mesh complement each other well.

To learn more about chain link fencing options, you can contact fence contractors in your area.