Advantages Of Chain Mesh Fences

Chain mesh fences are used on many business properties, including around plant nurseries, schools, factories and other areas. They can also enclose your home property. The variety of applications alone indicate how versatile this fencing is. No matter what your particular needs are, you should be able to construct chain mesh fencing to suit. Here are some benefits in more detail.


One of the prime purposes of fencing is to protect properties from burglaries and trespassers. Chain mesh fencing is available in many heights, from waist-high structures to extremely tall ones. As the mesh is relatively light compared to other substances such as brick, cement or metal tubes, it's easier to construct a particularly high fence. These barriers are even used for tennis courts to contain hard-hit tennis balls. You need to select the mesh height and accompanying posts and pipes to construct your perfect security fence. You can also select an appropriate finish on the mesh top for added security. The diamond-shaped wire can end at the top with a barb finish to create a spiked fence top. Alternatively, it can finish with a softer, rounded knuckle edge, which attaches to a top railing. 


Another benefit of this fencing is that you can easily extend the structure at a later date or even relocate it. If you wanted to move the fencing, fencing contractors can pull out the posts, rails and mesh and move the fence to another area. Because the meshing pieces cover large areas, extending from post to post, it's relatively easy to move the fence. On the other hand, brick, cement or timber fences are heavier and more cumbersome to adjust or re-position. Additionally, you can extend the fencing to other areas, easily matching the original structure. For instance, you might want to fence off an outdoor air conditioning unit or bin area to keep out wildlife.

Various Materials And Colours

The meshing provides options in terms of colour and materials. One possibility is silver galvanised steel, which is covered with a zinc film that deters corrosion. Some wire has a coat of zinc plus aluminium for additional resilience. In other versions, the chain wire is encased with PVC in green or black, which provides protection and gives the fencing a polished appearance.

Tough And Long Lasting

Once you install chain mesh fencing, you won't have to worry about maintenance and upkeep. Forget about staining or sealing tasks. All it might need is an occasional rinse with a pressure washer or garden hose should it become covered in dirt and grime.

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