Aims That Chain Mesh Fences Around Tennis Courts Can Achieve

Many fences are required to provide security and safety, particularly around homes and pools. Barriers around tennis courts, though, have additional demands placed on them. They need to enhance playing conditions, help maintain the shape of the court, and also to protect the spectators. Read on to discover how chain mesh fences can achieve these aims. 

Maintain Good Light

When playing tennis, it's essential to have proper conditions. One thing you need is consistent lighting. A chain mesh barrier, consisting of diamond wire webbing and poles, hinders light flow minimally. It won't create shadows across the court that hinder visibility for both players and spectators. While nearby buildings might have such an effect, you don't want to worsen the problem with the fencing. 

Allow Air to Flow Freely

One of the benefits of tennis — similar to other outdoor leisure activities such as golf — is enjoying the outdoors and feeling the breeze on your face. Chain mesh fencing allows for a clear view so that you can enjoy the outdoors, and it doesn't form a barricade to fresh breezes. Thus, while working up a sweat on the court, you can enjoy the natural cooling effect of wind on your skin.

Keep Animals off the Court

When planning a tennis game, probably the last thing you'd want to do before the match is to clean up animal droppings from pet cats, dogs, or rodents and wild animals. Unlike some barriers that have gaps, the diamond mesh on chain link designs is too small for most such animals to squeeze through. To stop them from burrowing underneath, you can submerge the wire mesh into the earth.

Keep Spectators Safe

Another thing that chain mesh can achieve is protection for spectators. The diamond mesh not only blocks animals, but it restrains balls that could otherwise hit onlookers. Thus, everyone can socialise and chat while a game is in progress without having to keep an eye out for flying balls. The fencing will block anything flying in their direction.

Thus, a fence installation of chain wire is perfect for creating an ideal environment for a tennis court. It allows for good light and airflow, so players and spectators have an open and clear vision of the surroundings and they can enjoy a refreshing breeze. Plus, it stops animals from spoiling the court, creating additional cleanup work. Spectators can feel safe behind the protective web and relax while they're watching the play.

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