The Benefits of Steel Fencing

There are many different options available to you if you want a new fence to be installed around your property. Although wooden panel fencing is often preferred in residential settings, it is not always adequate in commercial ones where something more durable may be needed. You could also opt for chain-link fencing, which is a very cost-effective option but this is relatively easy to cut through. What's more, it provides very little privacy. On the other hand, steel fencing is durable, keeps out prying eyes and cannot be cut. What are the main advantages of opting for it?


One of the most important things about fencing systems made from steel is that they will last an incredibly long time. Colorbond fencing, for example, won't rot or rust, so you can fit it and forget about it. Although you will pay a little more for it to be installed for you, the costs are actually lower when you consider the lifespan you can expect from most steel fencing systems. In other words, you get a lot more bang for your buck when you purchase a steel fence panel.

Good Looking

Although different fencing systems made from steel will have individual design aesthetics, many manufacturers provide something that is attractive and not merely industrial. Installed around a garden, for example, you can expect something that will fit in with the look of any residential dwelling thanks to a range of different protective finishes being offered. Indeed custom Colorbond gates are also available, which will match the whole fencing installation, well worth considering if you are after a coordinated look.

Better Security

One of the key aspects of any fencing is that it should stop people from getting onto your property. Some fencing systems are just too easy to force down and provide very little by way of protection. On the other hand, a solid steel fencing panel is harder to remove even for a determined intruder. So long as the steel fence is high enough, it should keep out anybody who shouldn't be allowed onto your property at all times.

Fire Protection

It is always looking at the fire protection qualities of a particular fencing system. Protecting your premises or home from fire with a chain-link or wooden fence is impossible but with systems like Colorbond fencing, it is a reality because nearby embers are kept at bay for longer. Steel fencing cannot stop all bushfires but it can give you enough time to get out in the worst cases.

To learn more about different types of fencing such as Colorbond fencing, contact a local fence contractor.