What Electrical Malfunctions Can Make An Automatic Gate Stay Open?

Automatic gates can open and fail to close due to mechanical factors (such as a hinge that is poorly lubricated) or electrical factors. You can get the problem fixed without calling professionals to help you. However, fixing the problem depends on correctly diagnosing what has caused the malfunction. This article discusses some electrical factors that make an automatic gate fail to close. A "Hold Open" Command Automatic gates come with several gate openers that different members of the family use to get in and out of the gate. Read More 

Emergency Fence Patching Strategies: Tips for Holes in Wood, Chain Link and Vinyl Fences

Regardless of which type of fence you have, your fence may occasionally get a hole in it. Depending on the type of fence, the size of the hole and how your fence is being used, you may need to call an Australian fencing contractor to expertly repair the fence for you. However, there are quick and easy but still effective fixes you can do in the meantime. Organised by type of fencing, here are a few patching ideas to consider during your next fencing emergency. Read More 

Why You Should Not Fear Installing Glass Balustrades On Your Deck

In modern contexts, glass balustrades are one of the most popular choices for decking. However, some people may be reluctant to install them because they are accustomed to traditional wood and metal balustrades, or they simply believe that glass has a fragile nature. This article explains why you should never fear installing glass balustrades on your deck. Read on to find out more Glass Balustrades Are Very Strong and Durable Read More 

3 Custom Gate Options Every Pet Owner & Parent Should Consider

When you have pets and children, you want to keep them safe and away from areas that could cause them harm. Areas of the home like the kitchen and stairway are particularly hazardous and can turn tragic in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for ways to prevent injuries and issues in the home for your pets and children, one thing you may not have considered is the use of custom gates. Read More 

The Benefits and Advantages of Pipe or Tube Fencing

When it comes to fencing your property, you have plenty of options, from affordable chain link to high-end glass or even metal. While they all have their advantages, pipe or tube fencing can be a good choice for a variety of reasons. Before you decide on a material and design for your fencing, note a few of those advantages here. 1. Water runoff and direction Choosing metal or PVC pipe fencing can actually allow you to direct water away from areas of your property. Read More